Good people try to be colour-blind. Look at a person and their substance rather then the subdivisions of society’s assigned identity. Be it Liberal or Conservative, Privileged or Oppressed. I was listening to CBC the other day on way home from work. A self proclaimed Social Justice Warrior was complaining about the composition of a delegation headed to some conference. Can’t remember what it was for but it hardly matters.

This Regressive Leftist was spouting about the usual intersections of oppression claptrap. That there was too many men. It was too white. That there wasn’t anybody with disabilities or people of colour. I thought that this fellow was spending too much time and effort on inclusion and diversity and not enough on fixing whatever problem this conference was set up to discuss.

Kind of reminds one of the Monty Python Movie The Life of Brian. In it Cleese and Company are arguing over proper name of their Liberation Front for Judea. Their satire was stinging in it’s commentary and honesty.

And so with some glee on the part of this writer it has come to pass. Modern Progressives have become paralyzed by their own success in not offending anyone. Well at least those on their reservation.

The road to Nirvana is laid out.
The path is clear.
The choice is simple.
No need to fret.
The future’s so bright.

The Progressive Future.
The Land of milk and Honey.

History forebodes a different story though. Like Rome in 476 AD then as now, most are sitting idly by, the gates finally breached. The barbarians having thoroughly infiltrated the Empire and their only weapon was our indifference.

With the decline in those proficient in Math, Science and Literature graduating from our schools coupled with the influx of ignorance from all over the world it has the makings of a Dark Age indeed.

History may not repeat itself but this Strauss and Howe 4th turning looks to rhyme. Tragic as it is, we are moths to the flame. The majority in a headlong rush to this Brave New World.

For this person all that is left is to find a good seat for the coming Matinee.


The one concern being how to keep the blood off the Popcorn.


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