The Dream Team

Maybe it has to do with stage we are at in 4th turning. Everyone has picked their team. All that is left to do is affirm to ourselves occasionally that we have made the right choice. Teams picked and assigned to their respective echo chambers players are left to endure reading comment after comment that agrees with tome of thread.

Admin on The Left. Stucky Tall Guy with bad Hair with the rest of us awaiting orders.

Same thing is happening in wider world divided as it is into their ideological gulags. Because of this we are witnessing the slow death of university system in West and an Independent media. The public have become disengaged and are relying instead on better deals and looking the other way for the server. All are suffocated by safe spaces and virtue signaling.

But it is summer and a golf course beckons. The Blue Jays are playing Indians later today. Right now I am having morning tea and letting the day warm up.

Who knows how things are going to look later today. Much will depend on how Jays play and if they are going to blow another opportunity to win. As for my expectations for golf. I am realistic. Could go early and practice but that takes time and effort. Deep down I know it is also easier to blame something else for your own failures if you never really tried.

So in some ways I am like many. I get pissed off about stuff I can’t control and seem oblivious to much that I can.


This is an addendum written in blog that I post to quite a bit. Folks there were wondering what the point was to my post. I have some trouble with the being pissed about stuff people can’t control.


I was reading thru the Lurker thread and was wondering why there is definite reduction in dust ups compared to say 5 years ago. We
seem as a group to have fallen into the trap of virtue signalling. Well I should say most most of us. We have our Token Liberal on the coast and also our idiot bb who was likely spanked in the face as a kid. West cant help it because he lives on the coast. And bb’s Mommy couldn’t help it either because he was so ugly as a kid she wasn’t able to tell one end from the other.

I guess I will need to post a video of me playing golf. Picture Happy Gilmore, the guy holding football, and that would be how I golf. When I am at golf course I just walk up to ball and let it rip. I should care a bit more. I’d likely do a whole lot better.

Funny thing is this Dream Team thing kind of just popped into my head yesterday. So I did pretty much the same thing with this thought as I do with golf. The post wasnt my usual effort which is I suppose the point of me writing it.

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