War Against Us

The militarization of the police is something that needs to be stopped by the police themselves. A quick check of statistics shows that police kill more whites than blacks. But we don’t hear about that because white people lack an Al Sharpton or Obama who will scream injustice every time another citizen gets killed.


So what is the problem. Well that’s easy to surmise. We have quit being citizens and are now civilians in a war declared by those on the levers making the decisions.

Yeah there are good cops. Yeah they coach kids and go to church. What does doing good deeds prove. The jails are full of mass murders who were caught implementing their psychopathic fantasies. Neighbours upon first discovering what their friends truly are capable of expressing shock and disbelief.

Saying stuff like

I would never have thought that (fill in the blank) was capable of such a crime.

In my hometown were I grew up the police force was given a former army APC, a Cougar aptly named, to terrorize the civilians who bought the fucking thing with their own tax dollars. My grandfather who went to fight the Nazis would never have gone if he knew that someday the police sworn to serve and protect would be dressed like the Fucking StormTroopers he went to fight. I was so fucking pissed off about this that I sent an email to Chief of Police. They all should be ashamed of themselves. These fuckheads took an oath to serve and protect us. Not themselves. If my Grandfather used same mentality in Second World War we would be learning German and paying tribute to a Gauleiter. Look at this picture below of these fine men smiling in front of their war on the people machine. They might as well just give us the finger too! It is a big Fuck you to all of us.


Sieg Heil!


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