Shoot High Aim Low

It was last summer that I was sitting at my Parent’s cottage. Enjoying the day with my extended family. We had gathered to enjoy a nice meal on the shores of Nova Scotia. In the aftermath of the supper we got around to discussing the great issues of the day. Good or bad we ended up on the topic of Donald Trump.

He was at this point of course just underway in his campaign to offend the scourge of political correctness that has swept this land. Most everyone thought he would crash and burn. But he has defied the odds. Here we are in April and as I type he is still the front runner and only one who can win on first ballot in Cleveland. You would think that GOP establishment would make their mends and build bridges. Yet they have fought him every step of the way doing their best to block the nomination. Those opposed have made no secret that they will use every dirty trick in book. They have walked through the their house pouring gas on floor and now stand in the kitchen with a lit match waiting to drop it if Donald dares to sit at the table. Even though they will destroy the Republican Party by doing this I, at least, respect their honesty. They have made their stand.

The Mainstream media however, in my opinion, deserves nothing scorn and ridicule. They have not tired in their attacks on Trump. Whoring themselves for ratings and the 24/7 news cycle so that there is something to talk about at 10 o’clock in the evening. The perpetually offended have tried to take issue with what has been said of Muslims, Illegals and the Chinese and a whole host of other things. And still Donald has prevailed.

Then along comes Michelle Fields. A reporter, now former, for Breitbart News. She claims that she didn’t want to become a story and yet she dove into one feet first. Claiming a vicious assault she went on nationwide offensive to tell of her brutal take down. Doubled down even after video surfaced showing that the wrestle to ground was just a tug on the arm. If it had been a male reporter it would have been a non story. But Ms. Fields is a special snowflake not a man. She can stand in front of the cameras, bat her eyes, show her tits, and all the red blooded folks out there can’t help but feel sorry for her. And it has worked. Donald offends for months and this is now the great story of the campaign.

Today I read that 16 prominent women have signed a letter asking Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s Campaign Manager, to resign. How sad that this double standard still exists in this age when the sexes are supposed to be equal.

For me I would like some honesty. Michelle Fields should admit that her hit piece wasn’t journalism. It was instead an attack on common sense. I listened to a song for first time in long while this week. Shoot high Aim Low seems like a contradiction in terms but on closer inspection it is a good strategy to take down those you oppose. Excuses at the ready that it was someone else that is responsible. If have any advice for Ms. Fields it would be that if she gets a chance to ask Trump another question she just skip it. Instead she should just walk in front and kick him in the balls. At least then, by aiming low, she would be honest in what she was trying to accomplish.

She would again have my respect.

And now sixteen women have joined with Ms. Fields as members of firing squad. All knowing full well that once the execution is done they can walk away blaming someone else for fatal shot.

We have come so far and accomplished so little.

This mountain shouldn’t even be a molehill. My biggest problem isn’t with left right paradigm and it’s double standards. Rather it is the different ways we still treat women than men. Feminists want to claim equality yet will quickly run to the damsel in distress when they need something to help push whatever agenda they have.

The sixteen women who signed the letter should be ashamed of themselves. They have hitched their wagon to a horse with no ethics. Not hard on the eyes true. But not worth the cost of oats to feed.


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