Asked to Forget I was Forgotten

Well I was curling tonight. Monday Night Men’s league. I have been able to meet many wonderful people connected to curling. Tonight I was driving home from rink when thoughts as they sometimes do turned to Westray. This usually happens when I am driving by myself. Moments do matter and need to be remembered so that I can say at least to myself that I was here and I mattered. I have been asked and told to get on with my life. To move beyond my time at Westray. Wondered quietly to myself why this lingers and is so hard to let go. But then it lurks back to life. I don’t own a cell phone because it has become for me like a grenade with the pin pulled. Tonight while drving I realized something. It is my underlying dilemma when it comes to Westray and why it will likely not ever be fully resolved.

I have been asked to forget that I was forgotten.

I think I have something to say about the failures leading up to explosion that should be told. I wasn’t given this opportunity to defend myself at Inquiry. It is something that continues to bother me. Maybe someday I will get some answers. More likely I will not. Most people now just want to forget. It’s only when the families gather at Memorial on Anniversary, in New Glasgow, that media shows interest. But 2017 will be 25 years. I’m sure that will trigger some retrospectives on tragedy. It will then be okay to remember for a little while.



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