The Rudder

I have mentioned it before but a while back I went to see my investment adviser. It was just before Christmas and I was walking on Main Street of my town looking for a present to buy for my wife. We are lucky here my hometown hasn’t yet been gutted by big box retailers. There are still shops to wander through. In the midst of hustle and bustle I was thinking about something  written on The Burning Platform, a blog I follow. Or maybe it was kind of an amalgam or theme. Before I became a regular on that blog,  my depth of knowledge consisted of listening to the Wags on TV blathering on about earnings each quarter. But after a few years I began to realize that this was a confidence game. The folks on TV just like those from Orwell’s 1984 paid to troll and deceive those who listen. MSNBC is like a tug boat pushing a rudderless flat bottom barge on the Mississippi.


If the Baltic Dry Index is a leading indicator those paid to be pundits about stocks are that Tug boat.Being told where to push the masses by the deep state and their cronies on Wall Street.

I see this barge heading directly for a muddy shoal. It is a slow motion tragedy that could have been avoided. It is too late though. The course has been set.

As for that day I ended it in the office of my investment adviser. I wanted to get my money out of the mutual fund he was peddling. He was trying to talk me out of it. But I has having none. The same talking points were used and I realized there and then that this man wasn’t looking out for my best interests. He was in fact just a fancy pants used car salesman peddling shit that someone else didn’t want.


I got most of my money out. Left a few thousand just to keep my seat at table. That day I decided it was time to chart a new course. Get off the barge before I got fleeced.


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