The Man with No Name

I had promised this person to write a bit about the topic of Westray this weekend. More just to say that I was contributing something. So Saturday morning I sat down and ended up pleasantly surprised. I am finding joy in the process and would like to think I am a good student. I have a story but for many years I thought I needed someone else to tell it. I have realized that I can do this myself with the help of an editor. The internet is a great place for people like me. It is a platform for ideas for people who at one time spent their lives just musing and thinking that their voice was less important than those sanctioned by so-called professional media. I have written about Westray. Been the subject of a couple of articles in magazines, even given a speech or two. My voice was given a song by Stephen Kimber in 2014. I sometimes wonder how the story would have been written about Westray if it had taken place in 2012 instead of 1992. In the age of text messages and social media it would have been impossible for the government and mine owners to direct that narrative the way they did. That is why I think it is important for places like TBP to exist. We can test ideas that offend. The 30 blocks being a great example. Pointing out the obvious even if it is difficult to read is how positive change happens. At least that is how I see it. Eggs need to be broke to make breakfast and writing is the fork that stirs it. I have been doing for quite some time but I usually just keep it to myself. Except for the occasional musings by me in comment section of this blog. I would like to think that I am starting to get the hang of it. The Hook, The Meat and the The Close.

There is no need by others to worry about Cindy and I rushing into this business venture, prudence is my middle name. It is what made me pause and not agree to be interviewed for “The last Shift”. In that case my caution was misplaced, hopefully this time I can be bold and seize the moment. My agency. That was the point of my article. The song sung in that video has another meaning above the mess that is Philadelphia and the Victoria General in Halifax. I am not going to bother saying who it is but hopefully the man I am directing it towards sees this post and pauses for a second to think of what he helped cause.


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