The Potential Doomstead

Well yesterday I went with my wife Cindy and my parents to check out a farm. A place not far from where I live yet a whole world away from the way I live. Cindy and I have been mulling for the past several years a change of scenery. Not that there is anything wrong with current house. It is a nice practical bungalow. It is a size that suits us. It is also close to town. Yet there are some things we would like in a house that we can’t have here. First the road in front is busy and cars travel fast. It makes walking especially at night dangerous. So we don’t get out much. Yard though small sucks to mow. I also would like a garage or workshop to putt around in so I can get away from couch and computer. Cindy has a list of wants as well. Many of them to do with how current house is organized especially the kitchen.

So we have been trolling real estate listings for the perfect place. I think we found it. The project is both daunting and exciting. Hopefully with a little luck at bank we can make it happen.

Here are some pictures from yesterday.


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