Some Books I will read

Thanks LGR! I will track down book and read. My wife wants me to do a bit more of that. She keeps trying to get me interested in stuff she reads but I am not included to most of that stuff.

So now I have two books..



I am rooting for Tampa! I think they have the team built for the cup. We’ll see.
Dark Horse is the Winnipeg Jets.

Wouldn’t it be funny to see those two teams facing off in June…


The Stones

Hopefully, and there is that word again, we can all gather for a beer in a Great Place.

Some day and somewhere.

Been a crazy couple of days. I write about a cat dying and then Stucky posts what is to me a great lesson of what needs to be important in life. Gotta say it is wonderful that Scrabble considers me a writer. I feel bad now that I have been mean to him in the past. I won’t be anymore…

It is a shame to see an editor so trite about integrity. Still that is the way it is these days. Truth or consequence matter least in a world where character has been devalued so much.

I really should do more when writing. I have tried to be a good student. Watched all you guys post what you will. My writing has changed but most times I leave the conclusion to conjecture. There is a reason for this I now realize.

I am proud to be a dirt person. I am the Son and Grand-Sons of dirt farmers since time began.

When I was in Scotland at Callanish I stood among rocks placed by Men from a Stone Age. The people who have made it their life studying those relics are not even sure when they were placed. Best guess is 3000 BC. That is a long time ago. Standing among those stone one cannot help but be in awe of what they accomplished without the conveniences of the modern day. It likely didn’t help them feed their families. They didn’t have to do it. Still they did.

Maybe that is what this place is.

It was a monument to them and who knows this place might one day be seen as a monument to us.


Brothers in Arms and Dire Straits


Those stones are refered to as A Menhir in the language of the time.

A most correct name for a Standing Rock.


When I dug that grave for my cat I decided to honour her with a monument as well. Now my grief does not compare to Stucky. I don’t want to equate my experience in any way to what he has just been thru. However I did watch for the first time the life drain away naturally from something that was once living.

I am getting a bit off track with this ramble but as it is and as it was. Weird thing hope is. I have struggled my whole life with the illogic of it. Now realize it is from hope that springs the conjecture that frames my existence.

A seven pound cat taught me all that…


But yeah… We are in the right place. Disagree we might, shitpost each other by times.

But when the chips are down we have each got the other backs.
This is a place of Men and Women, Menhir.
Strong as stone and built to last..

I might put this in my book. I have to convince myself that it is worthwhile to do. I am getting there. The outline is variously in my head and in notes I keep. I am going to get thru the spring and see what happens next. It is looking like it is now in rear view mirror. But ya just never know. To do it right and justice the subject will need to be explored in third person. Not be about me..

For years it was a hot stove I couldn’t help but touch and get burned. These days though I can sit aside safely and warm myself in the glow of the fire. Weird Cat I am. Wife thinks I fret too much about integrity. Maybe I do. Not sure why as I haven’t always been a good boy. Still I am learning that carrying a grudge only leads to a chip on the shoulder. And yeah its heavy. I have fell a few times carrying that cross. Still I am in good company.

Christ fell seven times carrying his……

Hopefully the book gets done at some point but it will happen when it happens. Funny thing is the bit I wrote above or parts of it will likely be in book.


The Goat

Well I am going to post this here. Just need the purge the system. It is my morning routine after all.

Likely nobody will read it now. This thread is dead. Probably a good thing. Yesterday was one of those days when everything changes. I hadn’t read this article or followed this thread until I got an email. At first I was not really that upset. Made jokes and tried to make light of things. I suppose in part because I thought ole Justin would come clean. Colour me crazy but even now at my age I still hope that people will do the right thing..

He didn’t.

Then I re-read the bit where he threatened xrugger. The more I thought about it the more pissed off I got.
Here I was posting links to cats and graves I dug in a frozen field.
And there is my buddy xrugger being threatened with a broken jaw.

At any rate. I decided to post some claims to the links provided by Yo. Now I wish I had just dropped it right there. That Bit I wrote called High Hopes almost didn’t get posted. I had worked on that for days trying to make it okay. It wasn’t great like some of the stuff written around here.

I cringe at bits now when I read it again. This makes it more strange that someone took the time to lift my stuff. Still it was great to have it put at the top of the page for a couple of days. Maybe Admin knew I had worked hard on it and figured it would be a good gesture to give me an encouraging push to help me along my way.. And there it was.

For just a few days I was on cloud nine.

Long ago when I was caught up in the machine of news because of what I knew a reporter interviewing me explained what he has doing this way.

“Just feeding the goat for 50 bucks a story”

I should not have done that interview. It was a mistake and now to me an obvious waste of time…

It is inherent that I have a jaded view on Journalists and the state of Journalism in general. This I say as a nobody from the boondocks with a Brother who used to be part of that machine writing words for pennies on the dollar. And yet here I am doing it for free. Crazy..

So off I go to post claims of plagiarism. Figured it would be straight forward and folks would care. I’d post to comments of links provided and await moderation. Moderation. Then go back an hour later and see that it had been flushed down the memory hole.

Probably not a good idea to get americanthinker involved. They hadn’t posted Justin’s bit yet. But they have posted stuff from him in past. In my email I made it clear that I knew this. I wasn’t being rude just direct. I just wanted them to know that it would be better if they didn’t post this article if it was sent to them as ole Justin has done in the past

Anyways the editor there decided it nice to email me back. He wasn’t nice.

He told me to take it up with him, Justin. Which I have..

The editor called me Skippy. Told me to get on my high horse and get out of town.
Maybe I will.

So it is off to the shop tonight to do some painting and plan my next project.
Maybe instead of writing more about High Hopes I will build a high horse instead.

Time to move on. I have learned that it is best to not carry a grudge as soon enough it will become a chip on your shoulder.

Link below.. what I wrote is at bottom.



My Cat Died Today

Well Donald Trump, it seems, has finally done it. Exposed himself for the fraud and shyster that he is. Now the Deplorables can be colored with shock but really should it be a surprise. Long are the days when folks in the Fly-over packed Stadiums and sat in awe of his Orangeness. Yet they did sit in blind obedience as he promised The Moon, The Stars and a Wall. It was a promise sandwich with no meat. Now that the check has arrived all folks can do is watch the dead cat bounce.

Trump is finally done with the base that elected him. He has once and for all abandoned the fly overs to make league with the Deep State. Who knows for sure why he did this. Maybe he has done the math and decided that this is only path forward to save himself. Still only fools play with snakes and expect not to be bitten.

All Trump had to do was veto the bill to keep his base intact and maybe he might have chance of saving the GOP house in the mid-terms. Instead he abandoned them for a Hall Pass from the Democrats.

He has lost everyone, everything and what does he have left.

Well let’s see.

He has some LARP named Qanon.
A game of 14D chess.
Sluts doing interviews
Cunts writing tell-alls.

All that is left to do is watch him crash and burn.

Addressing the Conservative Political Action Conference on Feb. 23, President Trump read “The Snake,” a parable he used frequently on the campaign trail to criticize immigration policy. That speech now seems lost on Trump because at that time he was addressing the pit of vipers that truth be told want to bring him down. Only a fool would preach to those people the lesson he should have taken himself. Trump had his chance to kill the snake.

Fortune Favors The Bold

Trump is now neither fortunate or bold. He hesitated and now is lost. Taking that snake into his embrace will end with a fatal bite that is all but certain. And the people who elected him will stand by and watch as his enemies dig his grave.

There is no 4D chess when a special prosecutor lords over everything. The only thing left for Trump to do is fire Meuller and make war with everyone. Be the Fuhrer that burns everything to the ground. Might as well as risk and hope are gone to the wind. Only plan left after a Battle near Kursk is to bet the farm and put everything up for sale. None to worry when everything can be bought for Pennies on the Yuan.

Me I have decided on a different tact and instead to focus on the things I can control. Make things instead of waiting for others to do it for me. The other day my Wife asked me to get off the Chesterfield and do something besides flitting with my thumbs.

So I did.

Went to town and bought some lumber and supplies. So on the weekend I got to work. Instead of railing about Trump’s betrayal of base, I spent the day doing something that was real and concrete. Finished late and was proud of what I accomplished.

A planter that my wife and I can grow herbs and flowers in.

The next morning after Breakfast I sat in my favourite chair planning my day. It was a typical Sunday morning, quiet and with not much ado. Close by my cat of twelve years sat in a window admiring the view. She let out a howl and dropped to the floor. She twitched for a while but she didn’t bounce.

The ground was hard but the frost wasn’t deep. And in homage to Callanish, Scotland it was decided to mark her grave the best way it seemed fit.

She is with Odin now..

I am going to miss that cat.


A Pug and Free Speech


First they came for the Fascists, and the people did not speak out—
Because Socialism

Then they came for the Patriarchy, and the women did not speak out—
Because Feminism

Then they came for the Christians, and the Jews did not speak out—
Because Musloid

Then they came for the whites, and the Blacks were too lazy to speak out—
Because We wuz Kangz

Then they came for a Nazi Pug, and folks just counted their kibbles—
Cuz the system is full of cucked shithead Copfucks with a Judge that all suck on a bucket of dicks!

Then they came for the ones left
and there was no one left cause the feelz of those in charge where hurt by a dog.

Fuck Sakes!



The First Lady of Canada

Yep Free Speech is under assault every day in Canada. On the bright side, you will still be able to write about bestiality.


Also the wife of Justin Trudeau can spend time doing fake infomercials.

You have loads of culture as well, as this video about drinking menstrual fluid demonstrates.

That video well there are no words. That’s fucked! And she is the first lady of Canada but nothing surprises me anymore. And that cunt is married to the biggest twat/cuck of the world in Justin. As for the Bear Novel. Same!

And the Kicker is it won a Governor General’s Award. And that ain’t fake news! Geeze and here I thought writing a story about Polar Bears in Nova Scotia was ridiculous!

I am trying to picture the woman who would read something like that.

A granolie peut-être smashing the patriarchy by getting fucked in the ass by a Grizzly Bear. But you go girls, cuz

Seriously what is it with this affinity of some of the most progressive Women out there and their ever moar fucked up 50 shades of rape fantasies. Maybe those sistas are pining for the good ole days getting clubbed and dragged to a cave…

Yours in Odin,



1984 is Here


Been thinking lots tonight about what happened to HollyO. The UK gov cannot win doing this. What are they gonna do next shut down the fucken internet. Ain’t happening cuz there are too many of us.

To think my Grandfather went overseas in 1940 to defend that country in what seems to me at least to be a giant waste of fucken time. Cuz it was for this… to keep Lauren Southern from travelling to London and labelling her a terrorist. Gotta keep out those dangerous 22 year women from Canada who is a citizen of the realm.

But let in degenerates from shitholes the world over.


It is no wonder that the UK is fucked!.

The UK gov cannot be allowed to win doing this.

I do wonder what they would be pulling if we were disarmed. And I say We because Canada has plenty of guns all over the place. Not as much as South of the border but enough. And lunatics too!

Does bring to mind a Pulp Fiction scene.

Swing of several hundred thousand votes in Florida and the Blue Wall in the election of 2016 to Hillary and the roundup and windup of 2a would be well underway. And just like the people of the UK the US would have voted for their destruction.

Might happen anyways. A couple moar School shootings and Trump will do what Hillary planned to… and then there are Mid term elections that are slipping away by the day.

So yeah in a world of Glass Houses you may be right and I may be crazy.

All this fuss made by UK over a little ole blog in a small corner of the interwebs. Wow it does seem that the lunatics in this asylum have a very broad reach to a very, very naughty audience. It is a shame that it has happened but like HSF sez below it reeks of desperation rather than strength. It will be seen this summer when weather warms if the Glass houses of the Elite will be able to stand the barrage of rock coming their way.

Looks like things are about to get hot.