Finding my Style

Well I am still shooting hoops and trying things out. I have started to regain my somewhat lost sense of humour. Maybe you can understand this considering your own experience but I had to remove myself from that scene. I kept it too close and secure for too long that it became something I could only talk about in first person. Not something that would be interesting to anyone else but me. I have for quite some time wrestled with the message. There also has to be a lesson to the moral dilemma that situation I found myself in posed. I think I have one now.

Right now I am making excuses for not writing. Weather is nice but I have a week off in August. Thinking I will try and organize what is written so far. I have basic outline done so it shouldnt be too hard too get rolling.

I am enjoying the process of writing. I find it both amazing and surprising. I noticed before when I wrote that everything I wrote had a gentle tug that veered towards that coalmine. Lately though I have started varying the topic. Injecting a bit of humour and farce into subjects.

I suppose I am still experimenting with a style I can feel comfortable with. Yesterday I wrote a comment to follow JQ’s ruminations of being in a funk about the point of writing.

Funny there are days when I labour to write 100 words in a coherent fashion. Yet yesterday I wrote a bit, albeit a short piece, in about half an hour.

I am always surprised when something I write turns into something I like and more importantly for others as well. Reading Jim’s post I felt I had to respond. I have told him many times how important this blog has been to me.

Mucking about here has taught me the rudiments of composition. I still have much to learn but I can see the progression. Uncola, HSF, many others and of course Jim Quinn himself are great mentors in ways they likely don’t fully appreciate.

Here I am rambling along.

Anyways as for our buddy the shock man. Well I have to shake my head at the farce he presides over. I may be a simple man but I have always been leery of anyone who claimed to have the answers to everything.

An oracle he is not.

Still I wonder what the issue was with the supposed heresy


The Killing Joke

I have myself been in a bit of a rut when it comes to comments. I suppose it was inevitable and inexorable. I posted short bit in a thread where I often comment yesterday but for most part I seem all tapped out for outrage these days. Not much left to say really. Still wish more people would take the red pill in order to prepare for what is coming. But wishing is as pointless as farting in a car with the windows rolled up. The stink only gets on you. Maybe if more got on board the date with iceberg could be postponed. For a while. But maybe it is better to grab a seat and enjoy the band.

I have often asked myself why more folks don’t confront the normalcy bias and outright fraud in media. Lately though I have come to conclusion that for many it is a normal defense to deny reality in order to push forward the reality of fate that awaits with increasing certainty with each passing day.

It does tire to wait for the maelstrom and no sane person should yearn for the coming calamity.

And yet some days I do.

Whatever the case the bell is about to be rung. On Friday last week I went to Quebec City to see Metallica and to take part in a spectacle on Plains of Abraham with 100000 plus other Metalheads. Most middle aged like me and trying I suppose to relive for one last time a moment from a misspent youth. It was a fitting concert and playlist to what is currently under way in the world.

I may put thumb to phone and type a screed to capture my thoughts on weekend.


If this had happened a year or two ago I am more than certain that any thoughts I had would veer to the grandstands of outrage. Not anymore. Whether it is Polar Bears in Nova Scotia or Valhalla I have come to the conclusion that while we headed for the cliff most either don’t care or denying the coming calamity. With that in mind I sometimes envy their comfort in ignorance and bliss.

So like the solder fighting on the Western front, squatting for days in the muck and the shit of the trench, I have found that the only defense left that works for me is a fatalistic gallows humour used as a soothe and balm to get thru the days before we are ordered over the top.

It would be nice to think that those who prepare best will survive the most. But as with war outcome will no doubt be arbitrary and without any mercy. Like those poor souls on all sides at Gallipoli it will not matter how good you are at bracing yourself when the bullets begin to rain down.

We live in a world of Great Apes dressed in fancy suits masquerading as men. Primitive and invariably a joke. So for now all that is left me at least is to occasionally spit on the ground and have a laugh at the insanity.


The Search for Jackalope

A couple months back I made journey to the shore. It was winter then and the urge was strong to search for metaphorical Polar Bears. Although camera was unconvinced I did glimpse what appeared to be on the horizon the faint outline of that elusive beast. Seasons change here in Nova Scotia. So I have made my way once more to the shore. No longer Looking for Bears the search is now for the shape shifting Jackalope.

The Jackalope is according to Wikipedia an animal of North American folklore described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns. Reports of occasional sightings aside, there still is no concrete evidence of their existence.

And yet still there are rumours that persist.

Is there some underlying conspiracy to suppress evidence?
Can we trust anyone to find the truth?
Is this the reason for the theft of legumes and lettuce from gardens year after year?

Those questions need answers.
So what is an absolutely deplorable person to do!

Why not suggest a government sponsored investigation.
If one is good. And two is better. Then three would be just great.

Bets placed I doubt Donald Trump had this in mind when he decided to Make America Great Again.

Still with all this firepower focused it shouldn’t be long before we have answers.

They should be able to find the evidence.
Maybe spot the collusion.
Single out those responsible for the theft.

So it was with that in mind that I made my way to shores of Northumberland Strait in the Province of Nova Scotia. Where there have been sightings of this elusive beast. So off I went, with my beer and chips, to settle in for a night of watching the Blue Jays on TV and critters scuffling in the yard.

Every once in a while I put the drinks and treats aside. Casting my eyes to the setting sun. At some point I heard a stir. Excited and rushing onto the deck I did my best to capture the essence of the elusive chase.

So it is with my quest and another underway in Washington. Mine though is halfhearted and prone to metaphor. The one in the swamps of Washington however is malignant with pettiness, graft and deceit. There, the unnamed sources are readily supplying grist to the mills in the morass. Their intent is the undermining of a Presidency. It is made crystal clear nightly by the Fake News, Fake Boobs and their intentions to leave no rocks not turned.

This bread and circus of push-up bras and pancake makeup in a modern day Forum where the blood and guts get set aside, replaced instead by deflection and hyperbole.

But for me at least sometimes it is best to rest, enjoy a beer, maybe two. Fix the things that need fixing in my home. The things I can do to make my life better.

My day ends with the Jays losing again. Still there is time to live for another day.

In the morning, awakened by the chug of boats out collecting lobsters on water, I decided put aside the search. Instead enjoyed my tea and toast on the deck. And even though the mosquitoes and black flies were by times annoying I managed to survey the vista and take in the start to another glorious day.

Through it all the flag, tussled by the steady breeze stood firm in the wind.


The Doom

When hasn’t there been a “Crisis On The Horizon?” Man’s mortality bakes it into the cake.

The people who make a living telling everyone else what to do are heavily invested in their self-serving importance. As the years pass their cries of doom get more acute and more plaintive. And when faced with the end they inevitably resort to a rhetoric that is directly proportional to their impending demise.


So it is that there is underway and forced on everyone by the underlying demographics of the “ME Generation” a pogrom of doom intent on sweeping before it the world and the future. The intonation and lyrics fester, become increasingly hyperbolic, as the inflection point approaches.


A shame really.





The Saw

I was left to my own devices on weekend. Wife had bugged out to spend a weekend with D-in-Law along with GrandKids at a camp in Annapolis Valley. I had graciously declined to go with excuse that work needed to be done around house. So Saturday morning. I got up and burned an old shed that was falling down on my property. Got it done although it took all day.


I have to say one best tool purchases I have made is a reciprocating saw. Just like this one. A fella can cut up into small pieces just about anything that can then be easily disposed of in a burn barrel. So I did my bit for Carbon Cycle. By end of the day, several beers and few hot dogs cooked au naturel, I was done.

I had lots of time that day to think about the mess this Province is in and whether folks here are going to vote to jump into the abyss. I’d say odds are they’re gonna. The NDP is making no bones about running deficits. Promising to spend at least 250 million more than we have per year. Not to be outdone they are also promising a 15 dollar min wage. Pissing and moaning that we need moar investments in roads. Moar investments in Health Care.

Who is going to pay for all this. But we all know the answer to that. It’s a two-fer. It is deficits up the ass and a kick in the nuts when you buy a burger. For fuck sakes!

I’d say the NDP have a winning strategy. Most folks live way beyond their means. Why stop now. Maintenant tous le monde dites! Laissez bons temps roulé. So it goes as it seems hardly anyone worries about paying for stuff anyone. Folks want to go on vacation, maybe they think they really need that30,000 RV. Don’t have the money. No problem!

They are suckers for the “do I have a deal for you”. Drive away…No Money down, with only 20 fucken’ years to pay.


Yep by the time they actually own the thing it ain’t worth the gas to haul it away. All these folks then will be at my door wanting to borrow my saw. I’d like to say fat chance, you ain’t gettin’ my stuff. But we all know how this story ends.


You can count on these ten cent millionaires using the government to steal my saw. Adding insult to their indiscretions they will force me to cut it up and haul it away.


Health in Nova Scotia

Wrote this in response to something a health care advocate wrote.


Well we agree on something. That is good. I have reviewed over all my years of work literally thousands of drawings. Without exception the worst drawings by far are for hospitals and for schools. I could also add Wellness Center in Pictou and Rath Complex in Truro. I digress but it still is same underlying problem.

Yet I don’t think it is fair to foist all the blame on the engineers and architects designing these buildings. Likely they are working from a limited budget. More often than not when these projects are in a conceptual stage the parameters for design are being set by a committee of health/education professionals. These projects it seems to me lack focus and appeal instead to a wishlist of demands with the proviso that any problems can be figured out later. The people overseeing it don’t care because it isn’t their money being spent. As long as it is a committee of the whole spending someone else’s money hardly matters who the executive is that is in charge. I realize that some projects require government to move forward. But cost overruns should not be part and parcel of how things get done. They seem to be right now.

I would go further than you and privatize the buildings.

When the drawings for new hospital hit my desk I see incomplete details and dollar signs. Why? Well that is simple. If it isn’t on contracts the work is extra in time and materials. So the next time you drive by a work site and see a bunch of guys standing around with their thumb in their asses rest assured the dime getting spent is likely from .gov.ns.ca

This province and this country needs to leave behind the rhetoric that Health budgets are being cut. They are not being cut. You know better than I but when was the last time there was a cut in spending at Dept of Health. Maybe you can fill me in on that. Yet when I turn on TV all I hear are cuts here and slashes there.

So put one person in charge long term. Ok. Probably would help. But first thing on list for this person would be to be honest about how much money we are spending. How much more money is getting spent on Health Care year over year. How about an honest conversation from this minister. Dispense with this narrative of health care cuts. I would like to think citizens of this province would be receptive to being spoken to like adults. But using the past as a guide chances of success don’t look good. They can’t handle the truth. Most want to live in a land of make believe.

A while back I had a conversation with a Doctor of Radiology here in Antigonish. We were going back and forth about issues of the day. He got onto topic of government budgets. He thought there needed to be real cuts to all sorts of programs. Yet not surprisingly he left out his field. I asked him point blank how much is enough and should we consider actual line item cuts to health care. He didn’t answer question. Just ignored me. Says a lot about attitude. Don’t complain just give till it hurts. To him anyone who thinks like I do is an evil bastard who just wants to push Granny over the cliff.

People have grown used to health care on demand. Too many seem comfortable going to McDonald’s for that Big Mac today all the while promising to pay for it next week. Then next week comes and another promise gets made. Eventually the clerk is going to refuse orders. And then what?

In the end the reckoning will occur one way or the other. Right now there doesn’t seem to be many folks talking about the hard choices that are needed to be made. I just see more of the same.

Tell me I am wrong.


What me Worry


Posted as fair use. Gotta admit what you wrote makes great commentary on current events. Today I ran into a guy at dump. My wife and I are doing reno at my house and so I had some junk to throw out. He was doing the same, exchanging pleasantries, shitty weather that sort of thing, and then words get to Trump and current events. Of course me being the only declared MAGA for hundreds of miles he wanted my take on travesty at 1600 Penn. I should have let loose but I don’t have the stomach anymore to argue with these guys. They hate Donald and want him gone. Same ole same ole…

So it’s me standing there wanting to talk about the house on fire and he instead wants to talk about the drapes. I don’t get it. The economy is going to shit and all people want to talk about is Trump’s twitter feed. I could have brought up economy but what is point.


I’d rather leave that to the Quinns and Gores of the world. Folks with a much finer eye than I when it comes to numbers and sense. Still a quick look around and only a dumbfuck would bite the wormy apple MSNBC and Jim Cramer are trying to sell us to keep this Ponzi scheme afloat.


Mad Money alright!

The economy is getting readied to be put thru the wood-chipper but what worries me now is the Deep State kicking stones in parking lots and pissing on tires all the while with a HARD-ON for wars.

And with who?

These days I need a rolodex to keep track of the enemy du jour.

Today it’s North Korea and missiles.
Couple days ago it was Syria and Crematoriums.
Before that Russia in Ukraine.
China building Islands.
Iran and it’s Nuclear Program.

Now details are emerging today that Seth Rich was the one responsible for DNC leak. This coming after it is documented that Tony Podesta let loose a cryptic email long before this man was murdered. Still just threats from men for mice. All the Russian influence speculation flying around and we have an email written that sounds mafioso in tone to this schmuck living in the hinterlands of North America.


But most are trained to look the other way. Who can resist the allure of the Lever People and the mystery box, eight days a week!

Why doesn’t someone in Mainstream media pick up a phone today and call this dumbfuck Molesta and ask him exactly what the fuck he meant. Apparently this guy is above the law. In the world of the dirt people where I live a statement like that would make me a person of interest in a murder investigation. But not Tony’s world.

It is a classic horror film starring millions of too addled to care about a bigger picture.


Soon to be in the can. They will realize too late that they have no paper to wipe their ass.